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A Peak at Watergate: Watergate History Scrapbook and Our Founder Henry Winston

Henry and his wife Tina became residents of Watergate South in 1976. Henry was the general manager for the Watergate complex during the Watergate break-in. After many years of proudly serving Watergate, in 1985, he headed Winston Management, becoming manager of the then new Washington Harbour and Tech World. Together with his daughter, he formed Winston Real Estate and was a well-respected pioneering broker in D.C. real estate.

Mr. Winston's Watergate legacy is extensive. From being the moving force behind Les Champs, a collection of trendy fashion boutiques, jewelers, restaurants, and high end shops, to painting red and blue walkways in the public garage to guide visitors to the various buildings, he became a self-appointed historian, keeping a scrapbook of news clippings of all things Watergate.


On July 23, 2017, the Winston family dedicated a tree at Watergate South in honor of Henry Mills Winston. At the ceremony, his daughter, Colette Winston, spoke about her father. Her tribute mentioned how important trees were to the Winstons. It includes a South African saying noting that when a person of great character dies, it is said "A giant tree has fallen in the forest of humanity." Read the full tribute here.

Mr. Winston's scrapbook, begun in 1963, includes the following:

Watergate History Scrapbook

Clipping. c.1963. Aerial view.

Aarons, Leroy, "Witnesses Rap Culture Center Street Closing." The Washington Post c.1963.

Advertisement. Carolina Mirror Corporation. Business Week 11 May 1963.

Clipping. 27 Jul 1963. Societa Generale Immobiliare completes cooperative project; begins Watergate in DC and office building in Montreal.

Flor, Lee, "Architect Says Curves Will Give Watergate Project a 'Living Shape'." The Evening Star 6 Aug 1963.

"$44 Million Mortgage: Foggy Bottom Project Gets Funds." The Washington Post 10 Aug 1963.

Clipping. The Washington Post 10 Aug 1963. Work scheduled to begin in fall.

"Watergate Starts Building." The Evening Star 31 Aug 1963.

"The Foggy Bottom Watergate Project." The Foggy Bottom News Sep 1963: Vol. 8 No. 1.

"Watergate Towne Hits New Snag: Buildings Ruled Too Tall." The Washington Daily News 24 Sep 1963: 13.

"Watergate Project Still Too Massive." The Washington Post 21 Sep 1963: C5.

"Advisers Hit Tall Buildings At Watergate." The Evening Star: Metro Area 23 Sep 1963: B-2.

"Riverview Realty Corporation Appointed Selling and Leasing Agent for Watergate." The Home Builder Sep 1963: Volume IX, Number 9.

"Living Shape Complex For Foggy Bottom." National Capital Area Realtor Oct 1963.

Willmann, John B., "New Buildings Add Visual Attraction." The Washington Post: Real Estate 12 Oct 1963.

Clipping. The Washington Post 12 Oct 1963: D6. Riverview Realty opens one-story exhibit building.

"The Style of the City." The Washington Post 21 Oct 1963: A18.

"Watergate Style."  The Sunday Star 27 Oct 1963: C-4.

Clipping. The National Real Estate Investor Oct 1963. Riverview Realty Corporation appointed.

Clipping. The Foggy Bottom News Oct 1963. Riverview Realty new offices.

McNamee, Wally, "Futuristic View of Washington-on-the-Potomac." The Washington Post: City Life 12 Nov 1963: B2.

Clipping. c.1964. Salgo and Samaritani photo.

Clipping. c.1964. Wishing Well Donation to D.C. Village.

$66 Million Complex. c.1964.

"First Watergate Building Nearly Ready." c.1964.

Advertisement. Donald H. Richardson Co., Inc. c.1964. Metropolitan Washington's Largest Mortgage Banking Firm.

James, Betty, "District Authorizes Watergate Project: Developer Says He Will Accept Plan Revisions." The Evening Star 24 Jan 1964: B.

"Development of Watergate Towne Gets Go-Ahead on Ground Breaking." The Washington Post: City Life 25 Jan 1964: D3.

"Start Digging!" The Evening Star 3 Feb 1964: A-8.

White, Jean, "Boots, but No Saddle, Help in Raising Flag." The Washington Post: City Life in Greater Washington, 4 Feb 1964: B2.

"Sea-Going Flag Raiser at the Watergate." The Washington Post: Times Herald 4 Feb 1964. Bob Burchette (staff photographer).

Strayer, Martha, "Ground Has Been Broken: O. K. Assured for Watergate Towne." The Washington Daily News 5 Feb 1964: 16.

McNair, Marie, "Their Home Inspired Jefferson." The Washington Post: Town Topics 20 Feb 1964. Social announcement of cocktail party for newly arrived SGI architect, Count Mario di Valanarana. The Count's family home inspired Monticello.

Clipping. The Evening Star 5 Mar 1964. Map of site plan for Kennedy Center, Watergate Towne, Columbia Plaza urban renewal project, and Navy Bureua of Medicine/Surgery.

"The West End of Washington." The Evening Star: Metro Area 17 Mar 1964.

"Tempo With a Short Life." The Evening Star 21 Mar 1964: B-16.

"It's a 13-Story Cake." The Evening Star: Real Estate 22 May 1964: C-14.

" '13-Story' Cake." The Washington Post: Business 23 May 1964: D6.

Willmann, John B., "The State of Real Estate." The Washington Post 23 May 1964: E15.

"John Hancock Invests $220 Million in Area." The Sunday Star 24 May 1964.

"Watergate Sales Boss Stroked for Boston U." The Washington Post 30 May 1964: E-3.

Maclean, Don. Clipping. The Washington Daily News 7 Aug 1964. Wishing Well project donation to D.C. Village.

Clipping. Washington World 17 Aug 1964: Vol. 4, No. 24. Rendering of future Watergate and Kennedy Center (the one not built that was round).

Hansen, Woods, "Foggy Bottom: Out of a damp and odorous past has grown a highly desirable residential section." The Washington Star: Sunday Magazine 6 Sep 1964.

"New Urban Housing Pattern." The Evening Star: Real Estate 11 Sep 1964: B-19. Early mention of "city town" as concept to revitalize concept of urban housing.

"Where Have All the Pennies Gone?" Clipping. The Capitol Hill Spectator 15 Sep 1964. Wishing Well project donation to D.C. Village.

"Agency Appointed." The Washington Post: Business 16 Sep 1964: C6.

White, Jean M., "Freeway Design Needs Cited by Commission." The Washington Post 17 Sep 1964.

"Watergate Noses Up." The Washington Post 2 Oct 1964: E2.

"Board Okays 2nd Building At Watergate." The Evening Star 21 Oct 1964: A-14.

Photograph. The Washington Daily News 16 Oct 1964. How Watergate will look when completed.

McNamee, Wally. Photograph. The Washington Post: City Life 22 Nov 1964: B1. Photo of District highway project incorporating 5 existing roads.

Poole, Daniel, "Landscaping at Watergate Will Create Many Effects." The Evening Star: Weekend Real Estate 18 Dec 1964: C-1-5.

The New Look in Washington is the Graceful Sweep of Modern Architecture." The Evening Star 31 Dec 1964: B.

"Membership Meeting Packs Federal Room." National Capital Area Realtor (newsletter) Jan 1965.

"Women Now Ready to Return to City." The Evening Star 8 Jan 1965.

"Boom Seen In Demand Inside City." The Washington Post: Real Estate 9 Jan 1965: D1.

Poole, Daniel, "How Watergate Sells Views." The Evening Star: Week-end Real Estate 22 Jan 1965: D-1.

"Next to Apartments: Watergate Starts Hotel, Offices." The Evening Star 5 Feb 1965: C-2.

"Watergate Project Enters Second Phase." The Washington Post: Business 5 Feb 1965: D5.

Clipping. The Washington Daily News 19 Feb 1965: 4B. Photograph of Luigi Moretti and sculptor of Iwo Jima Memorial.

Blunt, Ellen Key, "Luigi Proves He Is a Luxury." The Washington Post 19 Feb 1965: C5.

"Watergate East Architect Feted." The Evening Star: Real Estate 26 Feb 1965: D-8.

Clipping. The Washington Daily News 22 Apr 1965: 5. Prime Minister [Italy] Visits Watergate.

Clipping. The Evening Star 23 Apr 1965: F-6. Prime Minister [Italy] Visits Watergate.

Clipping. The Washington Post 22 May 1965: F18. Map of proposed divided plaza for widening Virginia Avenue.

Von Eckardt, Wolf, "Real Divided Plaza Is in Prospect for Wider Virginia Ave." The Washington Post: City Life 23 May 1965: B1.

"Co-Op Apartments Gain Popularity." The Washington Post 23 May 1965: L5.

"Designers Throw Curves to a Computer." Engineering News-Record 3 Jun 1965: 24.

The Engineering News-Record story led to this article (not part of Winston scrapboook):
"By New Owner of Matz, Childs: 2 Engineers in Agnew Payoff Fired." The Washington Post 28 Oct 1973: B5.

"Watergate Apartment Model Opens." The Washington Post 19 Jun 1965: E12.

Beall, Bill. Photograph. The Washington Daily News 28 Jun 1965: 5.

"Paris Joins Watergate." The Washington Post: Business 10 Jul 1965: D6.

Clipping. The Washington Daily News 23 Jul 1965. Donation to Children's Hospital.

"Capital Commerce: Peoples Plans Unit In Watergate East." The Washington Post 15 Aug 1965: C11.

--- Ball, Cornelia, "The JFK Center: Is It in the Wrong Place?" The Washington Daily News: Real Estate 20 Aug 1965: 2. Mention of Watergate as good site-planning.

McKelway, John, "The Rambler...Wants a Penthouse." The Evening Star 17 Sep 1965.

"Dedication Ceremony: Watergate East Ready to Open." The Evening Star 22 Oct 1965: E-2.

Alexander, J. Photograph. The Washington Post 24 Oct 1965.

"Watergate East Gets First Tenants." The Washington Post 24 Oct 1965: K3.

"Formal Opening Wednesday For Watergate East." The Washington Post: Business 24 Oct 1965: N1.

Clipping. The Washington Daily News: Real Estate 29 Oct 1965: B2.

"City and State: Watergate Towne Knew of Plan To Cut Access, Lawyer Says." The Washington Post 14 Dec 1965: C2.

"Who's Who in Foreign Business." c.1965. Small piece on Aldo Samaritani.

Advertisement. Eljer Fine Plumbing Fixtures. c.1965.

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